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Click here to view a C-SPAN interview with Douglas Houck, as he discusses his book, Peace River Boundary, published by HPN On Demand.

Book Publishing Simplified

What is “On Demand” printing?

The latest digital printing technology enabling reasonable prices for low quantities.

“On Demand” book printing is the newest digital printing technique that utilizes document copier technology. It facilitates creation of soft-cover books, in a variety of sizes. “On Demand” books can be printed in very low quantities at reasonable prices.

What is Book Publishing Simplified?

A straightforward, honest approach to eliminate complications and cost.

It is the HPNondemand commitment to print your book with the least amount of complication and cost possible. We will:

Can you help me market my book?

Yes. We can post it for you and suggest techniques successfully used by others.

What is HPNondemand?

A new division of a 40-year-old publishing company.

HPN Books was established by Lammert Publications, Inc., which was founded in 1973.

What hasn’t changed?

Our commitment to our customers and their success.

Technology is revolutionizing the printing and publishing industries. The development of digital copier technology makes it possible for the independent author to self-publish in very low quantities at extremely low prices.

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